The Freedom Trail


Age 7: My family goes to the Rocking Horse Ranch for vacation.

I trail ride on a horse. I am elated.

Age 23: I horseback ride along a beach trail in Jamaica. I feel the same joyful feeling I had when I was a kid.

Age 32: I take my teenage niece to a local ranch to experience the thrill of horseback riding. My horse misbehaves all along the trail, but that only adds to our delight.

Age 44: February: While on vacation in the Dominican Republic, I gallop on the beach trail with my horse, Moreno. I have the time of my life! I hold on to the saddle horn and he leads the way. I laugh hard! You know that kind of full on belly laughing that you felt when you were a kid. It feels like True Freedom!


My heart’s desire is to learn to ride a horse. So I notice that my heart and my fear are pointing towards the same direction. When this happens, I always take the leap! Please note: if your heart and fear are pointing in different directions, run like the wind towards your heart’s desire!

“Where is the knob on the saddle?” I ask.

“This is English style, not Western, love.” My British riding instructor says.

With English style, surprisingly there is no horn for this lady to hang on to! There is no other horse or a trail to follow, so I literally need to get my horse to move with my actions and more importantly, my intentions. Oh the life lessons are endless!

“Sign your life away here on this form. You’ll need a helmet. Just in case you are thrown off the horse.” My British riding instructor says while smiling politely.

I approach the mounting platform. I am eager to start.

“Now, do exactly as I say. This horse has been known to take off backwards, if you don’t do exactly as I say.” She says with a lovely British accent.

During another time in my life, this story ends right here on the mounting platform. But, I know the difference between the stories in my head and what is really happening in this moment. The stories in my head go a little something like this…

“I could be thrown from the horse and then who would mother my child?! ”

Or this.

“I could be humiliated if he tries to get away from me.”

During this time in my life, I noticed that this is just a story in my head. I ask myself what is actually happening in this present moment? I am not in danger in this moment. I will listen to exactly what she says and do that. The horse’s name is Harry. Harry the horse. He is adorable. He is a bit skeptical of me because he can read my energy, which is ultimately what is coming from my mind and my intentions. I take a few deep breaths because I know this will calm me and ultimately calm Harry. I mount Harry. We go for a guided walk around the farm. Harry and I are now just horsing around. Pun intended. I realize there is nothing to fear but the story in my head. I relax. I follow the instructions.

My first goal is to take Harry for a walk around the ring. I look at the ground. I am unsuccessful at moving him in any way I want him to go. My body language does not match my intention. My intention is to move Harry around the ring, but my body is not looking where I wanted Harry to go. I am hesitant. I look at Harry’s feet for obstacles. If you want the horse to go where you intend, then look where you intend to go, not where you are currently. Ah, a lesson for life. If I have my eye on the goal and don’t focus so much on where I am at, I might actually have a shot at making that goal a reality.

Where in your life have you focused too much on where you were at and not on where you wanted to go?

I am an excellent student, so I do so well that within a 45 minute lesson I learn to trot, to go “up, down, up, down” and to take the jumping position as Harry walks over some poles in the ring. It is exhilarating! I will go back. It is my hearts desire to learn to ride a horse after all. No amount of warnings from the instructor will scare me off. If my heart continues to point in the same direction as fear, I am going with my heart’s desire because that feels like True Freedom!

Now: I know for sure that fear is the foundation for courage. I will never stop until I learn to ride a horse because joy, not fear, fills my heart when I follow my heart’s desire. I deserve to have my heart’s desire, and so do you. When I live with courage, I notice the joy in my life. Living this way aids in the belly laughing I experience often.

Now, I am not suggesting that you jump on a horse if it is not your hearts desire to do so. Is there something that you are afraid to do, but your heart is burning with desire to do it? If so, I am inviting you to start breaking your own fears by question the stories that are in your head. The stories that are causing you to be afraid and are stopping you from going towards your heart’s desire.  Are you actually in danger or is it just a story in your head? I am inviting you to learn the difference. What I want for you is True Freedom! Apply here if you are ready to start your own journey towards True Freedom.

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