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Here is what clients are saying about Jennifer Peterson,
Certified Equus Life & Business Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher

I came to Jennifer Peterson as my business was re-arranging itself. I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of change, and decisions I had to make to move forward. Working with Jennifer and Oliver, the horse, was an amazing experience that gave me access to crystal clear clarity on my new business direction. I walked away from the experience feeling deeply grounded, and ready to get in action. Jennifer is a thorough coach, who works holistically, and who trusts the deep wisdom that Oliver wants to hold space for. It was an unforgettable experience, and I look forward to doing more work with both Jennifer & Oliver.

Alison H. LeBrun

Career Coach, Empowering Female Emerging Visionary Leaders to Re-Connect with Child-Like Wonder & Play, so they can create a Career they Love

Jennifer has been in my life for four years; we went through Life Coach Training together. But, I just recently became a Shamanic Reiki Absentee client of Jennifer’s. I am a founder of a nonprofit and found myself feeling “stuck” and overwhelmed over a six month period. I was angry, tired, and in a really unhealthy place. I reached out to Jennifer for help. From the moment I spoke to her, my mind started to shift from negative to positive. After the Shamanic Reiki Absentee Healing was complete, we jumped on a call and made a game plan of my next steps.  Jennifer has the amazing ability to calm you down while still pushing you out of your comfort zone.  Although I was familiar with life coaching sessions, the Shamanic Reiki Absentee session was something new to me.  Jennifer made me feel at ease and understand the process…I loved it and was truly “wowed” when it was complete.  I look forward to future sessions with Jennifer–she is truly a gift! 

Robin Telfian

Founder of Shood (Shoes for Good)

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my Equus Coaching Experience with Jennifer Peterson, but she and Two Socks made me feel comfortable and safe right away. Experiencing a shamanic journey in the presence of horses was incredible in itself. During the coaching portion, the three of us got to the root of problems I didn’t realize I was still holding onto. Jennifer guided me with tough, incredibly insightful questions. Two Socks was a steady rock, reading my emotions, and making me feel safe. I am forever grateful for this experience. Jennifer is incredibly gifted and talented, I learned so much from both her and Two Socks, and would highly recommend Equus Coaching with them to anyone.

Robyn Mortiboys

E-RYT 200 yoga teacher and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Yoga in Waves

Before I did my session with Jennifer, I felt stuck and was looking for clarity in my business. When I first got to the barn I was definitely nervous as I hadn’t been next to a horse that close in a very long time. Jennifer was so brilliant in holding sacred safe space and creating an environment to feel empowered and safe around the horses. The horse was so kind, beautiful and gentle. Jennifer has the ability to ask the right questions and deeply feel into where you might be blocked and stuck and unravel what needs to be revealed to move forward. Her ability to communicate as well to me what the horse was doing in each moment and how that revealed more about myself was profound and absolutely eye-opening. Two Socks (the horse) definitely taught me a lot about my confidence and power. 

Since working with Jennifer, I have the keen awareness now of what it feels like to fully be in my confidence and expression and how when I’m in that state, I can receive and manifest more of what I am seeking to bring into my life. 

Thank you Jennifer for being so gracious in your process of coaching, holding space and clearly communicating what the horses are mirroring for us. I definitely will say YES again to working with you and the horses in the future.

Dana Canneto

Wild Beauty Intuitive Guide for Women to embrace their beauty & truth, www.danacanneto.com

I had an amazing experience with Kiki–the beautiful, strong, majestic horse! I have the feeling of leading a powerful, beautiful creature in my being! Jenn–you rock! Thank you for one of the best moments in my life!

Jacqueline Bhavaraju

I had a fabulous Equus Coaching retreat with Jennifer and the horses. She is an insightful, generous coach who knows what to ask, point out and what to highlight. My horse experience was amazing as I learned a lot about myself while interacting with the horses. Years ago I had an Equus Coaching session and that experience has stayed with me to this day. I know that my recent experience with Scarlett, Two Socks, and Jennifer will do the same.

These horses are very wise, healing and empathetic. They can sense undercurrents in us that we are not aware of and thus bring them to the surface. Witnessing another woman’s experience with the horse during the retreat revealed how healing and sensitive to emotions these horses are. They can also sense whether we are being authentic or not and nudge us to authenticity.

The horses taught me to move from “doing” to “being” ie letting go of my agenda of trying to make something happen and instead to be totally in the moment in a space of “accepting and allowing.” As I did this, Two Socks and I connected on a very deep level. Jennifer then suggested that I embody the horse that showed up for me during the Shamanic Journey that she had led earlier. This shifted my energy into feeling free, light and magical. Without prompting, Two Socks then followed me around the pen many times and didn’t want to stop when our session was over!”

Whether you are curious or hesitant, I recommend “Going for it.” You will be amazed at how the experience can change your life!


Yesterday, Lauren and I fell in love with two horses and a pig. Oliver, Maisie, pickles, and the piggy. We spent the day having an Equine Energy Coaching Session. It was pretty amazing.

I started the day in awe of the majesty and beauty of these creatures–but with a lot of fear and nerves about their strength and power. I wanted to stay preeeety far away. By the end of the day, the closer I got to my horse Maisie, the safer I felt.

We learned so much about horses and how they live. Amazing fact: each herd is led by a matriarchal mare who takes care of herself first. We also learned (and saw) how they are a mirror to our energy and a mirror to how the universe responds to our energy–and how they respond so differently whether we’re speaking from our truth or not. We could not get away with anything with Oliver and Maisie–and that was a good thing.

Thank you to Jennifer Peterson for leading (and letting us lead) our day. And thank you Maisie and Oliver for being our beautiful teachers.

If you can get to Bedford, NY, I really recommend having a day doing this work with these majestic (and healing) creatures.

Elizabeth Johnson

Jennifer is pure magic! Her coaching style is gentle and wildly effective. Truly life changing. Thank you!

Lynn T.

I needed to get unstuck in my life, to peacefully end my 29-year marriage, to feel strong and confident living on my own, to care for myself as much as I do for others, and to find joy through new people, pleasures and experiences. Jennifer is an amazing coach! Since working with Jennifer, I moved into my own apartment. I made my bedroom into a beach retreat. This summer I am enjoying several trips to put my toes in the sand!! I am successfully ending my marriage peacefully. I am mentally prepared for meetings with my husband.

Maureen Moloney

It has been a very interesting and eye-opening experience working with Jennifer. My confidence at thinking more positively has improved!

I have developed a more confident approach when heading to horse shows and now I can achieve that blue ribbon not just coming in the top 6. So far with my new outlook in 2018 I have won and come 2nd at 2 big events!

I have always thought of myself as a positive and organized person. But having met and worked with Jennifer, I can now realize ways of making improvements and have developed a different way of approaching daily tasks and my horse riding.

Working with Jennifer has allowed me to connect more with my horses, tap into how they are feeling and learning that we can work together to achieve our goals.

I am transmitting a more positive energy to my horses, so that we have ‘A Can Do Attitude’ together and the results are definitely happening. Even getting my reluctant young horse to back into a space in the horse trailer!

The biggest ‘aha’ moment was connecting with my horses and has made me feel empowered and in tune with them and ready to tackle any issue or problem.

I would definitely recommend working with Jennifer. Keep an open mind, listen carefully to what she tells you and follow her instructions to get the best out of the experience.

I tell myself more and more ‘I can do it’ and it will happen, whatever task in life I am performing. Nothing is impossible in life, if you want it. You have to believe that.

I have always tried to be this way but for me Jennifer has cemented it and given me more tools to be able to stay positive & connected with my horses and listen to what they are telling me.

Rachael Piggott

Working with Jennifer has been a wonderful experience. Her intuition and calm have helped resolve so many issues in my life. I always feel like she is right there for me- supporting me as I make my way toward the me I am meant to be. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a playfulness that makes my time with her something I look forward to. Anyone looking for a new way of moving through their lives will love this experience. Just do it! It will be a wonderful trip!
Cindy Maliniak

Thank you Jennifer Peterson for the amazing Equus Coaching session. Thanks also to Scarlet and Two Socks for adding their insights to your already awesome coaching. Talk about out of my comfort zone… I haven’t been up close to a horse in decades!

Gail Christie

Holy Fire Reiki Master

Before working with Jennifer, I was experiencing a lot of turmoil and feeling detached from my deeper desires. I felt as if I was not living the life I truly wanted to live, yet didn’t quite know how to find what that meant. I didn’t know how to listen to my authentic voice.

I felt drawn to Jennifer’s coaching + book club as a way to connect with others who were also in a seeking mode. The story spoke to me and drew me in. I loved Jennifer’s story and her desire to reach others through horses. I grew up riding horses and Jennifer’s love for horses gave me the sense that we would connect on other levels.

I was definitely happy with my decision to sign up! It was actually one of the few times that I’ve signed up for an online or phone group that I completed it! Every week, Jennifer welcomed us to the group, shared stories, asked questions that had us really thinking and diving deep into ourselves, and I wanted more of it. The times of meditation also gave me a chance to focus and I needed that in my life.

I’ve always felt I needed to trust my gut, but this program really taught me the physical signs to listen to that without guidance, are not as easy to hear. The program helped me learn how to focus my breath and my thoughts so I could listen even more truly to my gut and what is truth for me.

There was this one moment when I was describing how I had purchased a new bed and that it didn’t “fit” me and the mattress set was so uncomfortable that I had to sleep on the floor. Jennifer was able to connect that with what was happening in my relationship because I wanted both of them to fit and be “me”, but they weren’t! It was like a wash of relief to see the connection and to acknowledge, with Jennifer and the group, that I needed to change both situations so I found what was me.

There are so many wonderful reasons to work with Jennifer! One of the things that instantly comes to mind is that she has this amazing ability to take a situation and provide different, unique, insightful, soulful ways of looking at it, acknowledging it, and interacting with it. It was like there is this well of knowledge that is true and loving. And she shares that with you. And she’s real! When she had challenges, she shared those, and it was a way to bond as a group.

If you are considering working with Jennifer, do it! Make the time. You’ll discover more about yourself in the time with Jennifer that you may not even have realized you were looking for.

After working with Jennifer, I’m in a much more loving, healthy relationship; I’ve made a significant change to my living situation which has required along the way the need to check in with myself. I have been able to be more in tune with myself and what I want and need. Lately, I’ve been faced with some difficult changes career-wise and through the process, I’m working on staying grounded and focused. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing yourself with me and the others in our group!

Dawn Kau

I was excited about starting my business, but so afraid. I had no clear vision about my business. I was afraid to move forward and make wrong decisions. I put too much pressure on myself to be successful or give up.

After working with Jennifer, I have a clear vision of my business, an attitude of gratitude and I am in a place of balance. I am past my fears. I own the possibilities this new journey offers. I am working as a Reiki Therapist! I am receiving offers to promote my Reiki business! I truly believe this is due to the energy of transformation generated while working with Jennifer. Jennifer is genuine and passionate about helping women succeed!

Lisa Wefer

Jennifer Peterson is magic! Her Book Club experiences have benefited me tremendously. I joined because I was interested in diving deeper into the book concepts. I was struggling with a failing marriage, depression, lack of self esteem and just felt lost. When I saw the invitation to join the book club, I felt drawn to the opportunity to connect with other women who were looking to live pleasure filled lives. I love the format that Jennifer uses for the Coaching & Book Club. It gave me the connection I was seeking with others and she masterfully guided us through the book. Jennifer was always prepared with highlights, important information and related exercises that help to dig deeper into the work. Through these exercises and Jennifer’s gentle guidance, I became more comfortable with myself, my desires and the power of my intuition. I began to exercise daily self care, love myself more and I grew to understand that I am worthy of a pleasure filled life. The best part of working with Jennifer is that she takes the time to get to know each woman and she is able to adjust her coaching to meet the needs of the group. I am grateful for her wisdom, humor and encouragement. Since I began working with Jennifer, I have changed my mindset and redesigned my life. I left my unhappy 29 year marriage, moved to a great apartment in a town that I LOVE and I am focusing on living a life that is pleasure filled and purposeful. I am finding joy in music and moving my body through dance. The transformation that I have made has certainly not all been easy but having the support of Jennifer and the other women in the Book Club helped make it possible. They lifted me up and encouraged me to find what makes me happy. I would encourage anyone thinking about joining one of Jennifer’s Coaching & Book Club experiences to say yes, follow your intuition and do it! It is a pleasure filled learning experience.
Maureen Moloney

During my time with Jennifer, I was able to see negative thought blocks that had arisen out of being fatigued as a mom of two, one as a new born. Being able to let go of these blocks lifted my consciousness and energy levels, which is what I really needed. I also noticed I became more creatively inspired, and let go of some old ideas I had about how to move forward with some of my many creative interests and pursuits.
Jacqueline Bhavaraju

I would absolutely recommend a coaching experience with Jennifer! She is extremely positive and honest at the same time, helping to make me aware of my limiting beliefs and reminding me that I manifest all of my experiences through beliefs. Working with her helped me to build my current tools and meditation practices and gave me clarity on issues that I didn’t even know that I had. My biggest challenge was manifesting projects in my life from a place of joy instead of fear. Manifesting from a place of joy felt “unrealistic” at first but Jennifer helped me to convince my analytical mind that this is the only way to be fulfilled. My biggest aha moment was a dream analysis. Jennifer was able to help me decode the dream symbols, and on my own I probably wouldn’t have been able to figure it out. What we came up with was fascinating, and very applicable to my life. Now I have exercises, worksheets, guided meditations, recordings and a full page of dream analysis to help me manifest from a place of joy and gratitude. I highly recommend working with Jennifer!
Helene E.

After working with Jennifer, my life has changed dramatically! Before I started working with Jennifer, I felt stuck, scared, frustrated and violated. I knew I had to get help so I decided to work with her. It was the best decision I could have made! She got me to focus on being happy and secure with my decisions. Jennifer transformed my mindset. This built my confidence by feeling more positive with my thoughts. The biggest aha moment I had with her is when she told me not to focus on where I was going to live as that was holding me back from making a healthy decision and when I stopped worrying about it, within days an opportunity appeared. The best part of working with Jennifer was her sincere willingness to help me through a rough time in my life. She made me feel stronger and that I wasn’t alone. I would absolutely recommend friends to reach out to her if they ever needed to and tell them it would positively change their life. Mine has changed dramatically in that I now imagine what I want and focus on that. I am more relaxed and know that things have a way of working out for the best and that my happiness is important. Where before working with her I could only focus on why I couldn’t get what I want. I was also trying to make everyone else around me happy regardless if they deserved it. After working with Jennifer I can now teach my daughter to respect and love for herself too and to manifest what she wants.

Rhonda Cramer

My favorite thing about this coaching program was Jennifer! I loved her warm, inspiring and vibrant personality and the unique ways she found examples of each week’s ‘topic’ in daily life to share with us. Her thought-invoking questions helped me pay closer attention to my own life, week by week, and the course definitely increased my level of self-awareness. Also, the atmosphere created in the course was a very warm, accepting and inviting one; one where I felt comfortable to share my insights with the group and looked forward to hearing everyone else’s experiences. Thank you, Jennifer – you truly are a scintillating soul.
Kaliopi Nikitas

I recommend working with Jennifer. She is extremely bright, compassionate and passionate about her calling. I love her enthusiasm and her care in preparing for each session. Jennifer’s Coaching + Book Club provided an opportunity to continue my exploration into pleasure within a community of women which helped me stay on task. The weekly pace made me feel more trusting and connected to the group. I really enjoyed connecting with other women who were on the same path. It felt really wonderful to be able to speak freely and privately about topics as intimate as pleasure and anger. The Coaching + Book Club’s greatest value is in the community that it provides for us to get together. It really is helpful to practice the exercises as a group. Sisterhood community is what I treasure the most about my experience, and the opportunity to share the journey.
Christine Fonsale

Jennifer connects personally with every participant and gives them the opportunity to reveal their deepest struggles and where they most want to be healed. She moves people toward processing their emotions through a wide range of approaches, while all along the way having fun


I was drawn to the amazing stories Jennifer shared and wanted to connect with other women who know there is more to life and love than previously imagined. I think Jennifer is an excellent facilitator and coach. She makes the information fun and light – even the tough stuff.

I really enjoy hearing real life stories of how these big ideas work in real life. Jennifer has a lot of real life examples and she tells them in a self empowering style. She has many useful processes that she shares generously. I totally recommend her programs – and would sign up again in a red hot minute. Jennifer has many gifts to offer. I enjoyed it immensely!

Flo Furtek

Jennifer helped me work through an issue that was weighing on my mind. I found her approach to be methodical and thoughtful. Through her questions, she not only helped me see the situation from a different angle, but she also gave me tools to handle similar situations, should I come across them in the future.
Valerie P.

I was hoping to meet someone. I did everything that Jennifer guided me to do and I met Mark! We have so much in common! Thank you Jennifer!


In my time working with Jennifer, I have been struck by two things: first, the amazing toolkit she possesses that allows me to get to the heart of whatever I am working on; and second, her passion for her craft and how it manifests in the steadfast belief that we CAN feel better. Her desire to improve the lives of everyone she works with shines through in her dedication to me and my experience. As a busy working mom, I don’t always have the time to dedicate to self-improvement, but with Jennifer’s guidance and willingness to work with me and my schedule, I now have new tools, new ideas and a new outlook on the importance of self-care. Working with Jennifer has been a gift and I look forward to learning more from her!
Rachel G.

Jennifer coached me through a difficult personal decision. She was gentle yet thorough. She supported me by asking questions that helped me identify my true feelings and ultimately a decision. Her questions also made me consider some factors that I would not have thought of otherwise. I also greatly appreciated and learned from her grounding approaches. I recommend Jennifer as a coach for anyone who needs support with a major life decision.
Donna P.

Jennifer has a natural gift for helping me to see the truth and for helping me find true freedom. Jennifer has coached me through several simultaneous significant life changes. Jennifer has helped me countless times. Jennifer has provided me with the tools to help myself through panic attacks and anxiety. Jennifer helps me to identify false beliefs that are painful and programmed. Then she helps me to release the false beliefs and to hear and feel truth and the calling of my right path. After our sessions, I feel strong, free and hopeful. Jennifer continues to be an instrumental positive force in my life. If you are looking to find a life coach, look no further.
K. S.

What I most admire about Jennifer is her enthusiasm, her energy and the space she holds for me when she coaches me.
I love her personal conviction and determination. It has been a beautiful experience to be part of her journey of becoming a life coach. I have learned much about myself, and my role as a mother of two young kids. Jennifer is a very knowledgeable and insightful coach. I have particularly enjoyed our visualization sessions and the dream analysis. Jennifer is so talented and so intuitive. Have fun exploring with her!!!
Lisa S.

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