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Free Chat

I invite you to join me for a free chat with me where we will get clear on what is holding you back in your business. Learn More.

Private VIP Mentorship

For women who are ready to ask for what they want and unlock their potential in life and business. Schedule your free chat HERE. 

Equus Coaching Experience

Not sure how to get unstuck? Not sure how to identify what’s holding you back in your business? Let me show you how horses can help unlock your potential and connect you to your best self. I successfully guide mission-driven female entrepreneurs to make business decisions with clarity, have the confidence to move forward and have the courage to be seen and have their authentic voice heard by their ideal clients. 

Available through select, highly trained professionals around the world, Equus Coaching draws on the intuitive nature of horses to help coaches guide participants in exploring both their concerns and their strengths. Clients find the coaching instrumental in revamping their relationships, careers and feelings of self-worth. Prepare to learn about yourself and find the answers to questions you never thought to even ask. Your guided, gentle equine encounter will provide you with a unique, genuinely transformative experience.

Equus Coaching Experience takes place at my farm in Yorktown Heights, NY (45 minutes from NYC). Sessions are on the ground. No horseback riding. No horse experience necessary. Learn more.

Private Shamanic Equus Coaching Retreat

Are you looking for more clarity, courage or confidence in your business? Let Scarlett, Two Socks, Kiki, Audrey and Paris help to guide you there. They are my herd of horses. I would love to invite you to a private Shamanic Equus Coaching Retreat, Journey to your Power Within.

In this powerful private retreat, my horse partners and I will help you access the insight and wisdom you need to make business decisions with clarity, to move forward with confidence, and gain the courage to be seen, and your authentic voice heard by your ideal clients.

This retreat will take place at my beautiful farm in Yorktown Heights, NY. I will guide you through a shamanic journey to clarity, courage or confidence in the presence of live horses. You are supported with both the energy of horse as spirit guide and the energy of a live horse. Then, we will work individually with one of my horses on whatever came out of your shamanic journey. Your guided encounter with a live horse in this retreat will give you immediate and uncanny biofeedback that will help illuminate your power within. Organic meal is served. We design the ideal date and time to meet and retreat! Learn more.

Give Joyfully!

Access Equestrian makes a difference by improving the lives of children with disabilities and other life challenges through the benefits of adaptive riding, horsemanship programs, and other equine assisted activities. A portion of my fees supports Access Equestrian. Learn more.











































































































































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