Hello Love, not sure how to get unstuck in your business?

Not sure how to identify what’s holding you back in your business? Let me show you how horses can help unlock your potential and connect you to your best self. I’m Jennifer Peterson. As a Certified Equus Coach, I successfully guide mission-driven female entrepreneurs to identify their ideal clients, make business decisions with clarity, move forward with confidence and have the courage to be really seen and their authentic voice heard by their ideal clients.

What is Equus Coaching?

In the last few years, Equus Coaching has emerged as one of the most powerful and successful life coaching practices. Available through select, highly-trained professionals around the world, Equus Coaching draws on the intuitive nature of horses to help coaches guide participants in exploring both their concerns and their strengths.

This approach has a way of tackling not only clients’ apparent problems but also uncovering revelatory underlying issues. Clients find the coaching instrumental in revamping their relationships, careers and feelings of self-worth. By merging the benefits of life coaching with the healing power of horses, my Equus Coaching practice has helped clients manifest profound and lasting changes in their lives and in their businesses.

How does it work?

Horses are strong, beautiful creatures, but they are also highly sensitive prey animals. During our coaching session(s) you will receive immediate and uncanny feedback that will help reveal your problem areas and illuminate your strengths.

Though you go on a journey, there’s no horseback riding involved; your session takes place on the ground, not on the horse.

What can you expect?

Prepare to learn about yourself and find answers to questions you never thought to even ask. Your guided, gentle equine encounter will provide you with a unique, genuinely transformative experience.

What I want for you is true freedom in your business!

If you want that too, I invite you to a Free Clarity Call with me where we will get clear on what is holding you back in your business.

Come Listen to My Talk at the Awaken Wellness Fair in Tarrytown, NY!

Sunday, November 24. 2019

I’ll be giving a powerful talk titled, “How to Find Your Authentic Voice Through the Wisdom of Horses.” Hope to see you there!

Get your ticket to the Awaken Wellness Fair HERE. 

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