May Their Names Be For A Blessing


After a week filled with tragedies day after day, I stop and reflect on my life’s mission. I want to live in a world where there is peace everywhere I look and brave actions occur to propel our world forward.

I have sat with my emotions this past week. I am sad, mad, deeply disturbed and furious. I want to say something to comfort the fearful, but I haven’t found the words until now.

What I know for sure is that we cannot control what other people do, how they feel, or what they believe.

So what can we do?

We can do the only thing that is within our power; we can control our own behavior. We can control our own actions. We can decide to live our truth. We can commit to be in our integrity. We can resolve to live with courage. We can intend to exist with compassion in our hearts. We can choose to appreciate what surrounds us.

I recently watched an equine assisted personal development demonstration at the farm where I volunteer. A group of 6 people were asked to lead 3 horses through a simply designed obstacle course. The group had limited to no experience with horses. One woman was even terrified of horses. It was so brave of her to step into the ring because one of the three horses stood 7 feet tall. When they were finished with the obstacle course they were asked 2 questions. The first question was what emotions, challenges or feelings did you bring into the ring? The answers were fear, aggression, control, obstacles and intimidation. The human group was standing far away from each other keeping their distance from each other as they described these emotions. I noticed that when these words were used the horses began to chase each other and bully each other in the ring. The second question was what did you learn through the obstacle course exercise? The answers were partnership, cooperation, and guidance. As the group described what they learned, they began to walk closely together. They formed a “human herd”. The energy of the human group was calm. I noticed that the horses were also calm and comfortable. They came together and began to graze in a herd. Horses are prey animals. It is critical to their survival that they stay in the present moment and are constantly aware of their surroundings. The horses will reflect the energy of what they notice around them. After the first question when the human group was talking about their challenges, which included fear, aggression, and intimidation, the horses mirrored that energy by behaving aggressively towards each other. They were kicking and bullying each other.  When the human group was talking about what they learned, and their energy was calm and comfortable, the horses felt safe enough to begin to graze in front of the “human herd”. The horses were mirroring the energy they felt of the human group with each situation. It is a life lesson that we all must learn. Words may be made of our breath, but the energy that goes with those words influences our body language. What we make words mean can be healing and bonding or it can be aggressive and hurtful. We must choose both our words and our actions wisely and put out peaceful energy if we want to see a peaceful world around us. It starts with our own intentions.

Every action, negative or positive, causes a reaction, so why not choose a positive action? If we wish our lives to be different in the future we have to change our activities in the present; and by doing so we change the direction of our lives.

It’s all about where you look. We can focus on positive actions. Ask yourself, what am I grateful for? If you look for evil you will surely find it. If you look for joy you will surely find it.

Today, after feeling despair, I wanted some joy. So I googled this phrase “What happened that was good in the world this week?”

I found this website, http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/.

Here were 10 good news headline stories this week:

400 Aspen Dental Offices Give Free Care to Veterans Without Insurance
Boy Spends Allowance on Books For Prison: ‘I’ve Never Seen A Kid With A Heart Like His’
When Child Believes Lost Toy is Only Traveling, Strangers Photoshop Animal in Scenes
Inmates Break Out Of Jail To Save Life Of Officer Guarding Them
Paraplegic Inspires Everyone After Learning to Swim, Setting Records
Pills Made Especially for Girl’s Rare Cancer Completely Eliminate Tumors
Boston Cab Driver Turns in $187,000 He Finds in Taxi
Crowds Line Up to Hug Police Officers in Dallas
US Economy Rebounds With June Hiring Surge of 287,000
New Adult Coloring Book Designed to Inspire Anyone in Recovery

I am not suggesting that we tuck our heads in the sand and let these tragedies go by. I am suggesting that we try to keep our heads held up so that we can function through our despair. We can see a world filled with joy instead of a world filled with only hatred and injustice. I am suggesting that we look within and be the change we want to see in the world. I am suggesting that we take a brave action to help propel our world forward. A brave action could be simply providing words of comfort to someone who is suffering who has been affected by these tragedies. Look within and ask yourself what peaceful act can I do to make the world a more peaceful place.

How can we take action?

We can light a candle.
We can say a prayer for the people who lost their lives. Say this “May their names be for a blessing”. What this phrase means to me is may they not have died in vain. May we learn from the tragedy and heal our world. This begins with healing ourselves.
Be thankful for what you have.
Show compassion for those who have suffered.
Do your part to spread love in the world.
We can create and spread “peace cells” quickly and vastly throughout our country.

Share your light.
I Matter.
You matter.
Black Lives Matter.
All Lives Matter.

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