Boobs of Wisdom: Permission To Reinvent Yourself…Granted


Age 6: I peed my pants in front of my entire 1st grade class. The nun ignored my plea to pause the spelling bee so I could go to the bathroom. I was simply too competitive to quit the spelling bee. For bonus humiliation, she made a classmate clean up my mess. I went to the bathroom to clean up with my head hung low. I was referred to as Jennifer Peeeeeeterson for the next 7 years. My desire from that point on was to be liked.

Ages 14: My family moved to the Pocono Mountains the summer before I entered high school. An exciting bonus was our move came with a brand new school. I saw this as a chance to reinvent myself into the person I had always dreamed I could be. I purposefully selected my clothing and my activities to become a very popular girl. This reinvented me was someone people actually liked.

Age 16: I reinvented myself as a politician. Serving on the Student Senate gave me a bird’s eye view to how the school worked. I saw so many areas where I could really make a difference in the lives of our student body. So, I pursued my desire to help people. I ran for Class President. I won by a landslide against the most popular boy in our class. I served a two-year term. Life was good because I did not let others define me. I defined me.

Age 17: Between my family’s financial circumstances and the abuse that surrounded me, no one was expected or encouraged to go to college in my family. During my senior year, I risked my popularity by attending a vocational technical school to pursue my passion for fashion tuition free. My popularity waned, but I didn’t care. What was most important to me was that I fed my desire. All it took was a simple reinvention and my belief that I could be both Class President and ‘Vo-Techer’.

Age 23: I was the first person in my family to graduate college. I redefined my circumstances. I pursued my desire to move to New York City and become an advertising executive.

Age 39: My husband was mentally and verbally abusing me for 3 years. Our marriage ended with his hands around my throat. It took hitting rock bottom for me to remember who I really was. I was the girl who had strong desires. I was the girl with the unshakable belief in myself. With those two ingredients, I was the girl who could simply reinvent herself when her circumstances were no longer serving her. The sun doesn’t know it’s a star. Now: Ever since I remembered who I really am, life reinvention is much easier for me. I no longer wait until circumstances are dire. I allow my curiosity and explore my fascinations to identify my desires. I follow my sharp intuition and I notice the signs the universe gives me to reinvent myself. What I know for sure is that my circumstances do not define me. I define me. Then, I redefine me whenever it serves me. And that’s okay.

How about you? Where are you needing a reinvention in your life? Think of one thing in your life right now that’s not working. How can you reinvent yourself in this area?  You can write me and let me know at Jennifer.Peterson@truefreedomlifecoaching.com. Let me be your witness. True freedom means giving yourself the permission for a reinvention. If you need a permission slip from someone else, I’m your girl. Permission granted! I can help you get clear on what this means for you. Sign up here for a free Clarity Call with me.

With gratitude,
Jennifer Peterson
Certified Equus Life & Business Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher

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