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Certified Equus Life & Business Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher
I am a Business Healer

My Path To True Freedom

I am in the relationship with my business that I desire now, but it wasn’t always that way. I turned my life around 9 years ago. I was attracting all the wrong relationships in my life including business relationships.

I was in a career that did not align to my values. For decades, I worked in advertising. I used to advise Fortune 500 companies on how to identify their ideal customers. Then I gave them a roadmap and showed them how to find those customers, so they could sell their junk food products to our kids. Talk about out of alignment! Externally, I was “thriving” at my job, but inside, I was dying. I was feeling disconnected from myself and my own values. Not only did my heart hurt, I was also suffering physically from anxiety and IBS from all the stress. I knew I was created to do more; to help people even, but I did not know how.

I have been reinventing myself my entire life. That is the medicine I give myself when my circumstances don’t match my desires. I give myself permission to reinvent myself into a more authentic expression of myself. I am more confident, and more playful. I am more attuned to my desires and I take action on them.

When I found myself in a career with no purpose, I gave myself permission to find more meaningful work. I became a Life Coach and a Reiki Master.

When I found my purpose, I gave myself permission to explore what it would be like to be a horse whisperer even though it made absolutely no sense. I had no horse experience! The more I explored being near horses, the clearer it became that it was easy for me to work with horses because it was what I was meant to do. Now, I am a Certified Equus Coach™.


When I was hiding my spirituality to those who are closest to me, I gave myself permission to step out of the spiritual closet and fully into my spirituality. I became a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher.

The more permission I give myself to be more authentic, the more things work out for me and the universe aligns itself to give me exactly what I want.

I no longer feel disconnected, frustrated, confused, lonely, stuck or fearful! Most importantly my anxiety and IBS are all managed without medication.

Now, I help mission-driven female entrepreneurs identify their ideal clients, make business decisions with clarity, move forward with confidence and have the courage to be seen and their authentic voice heard by their ideal clients by helping them heal their own business. I do all this by combining the benefits of business coaching, Shamanic Reiki and the intuitive and healing power of horses.

I am experiencing my passions, feeling connected to myself, living life empowered and on purpose.

What I want for you is True Freedom!

Connect with me if you want that too. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

With gratitude,
Jennifer Peterson

Watch the TV interview I did with Katie Augustyn

The True Freedom Manifesto

  • I believe that everyone can shift their own energy. Start with paying attention to how you show up in your business.
  • I believe that it takes a village to create a healthy relationship with your business. Empower your village.
  • I believe when you get to a place beyond fear, courage follows every time.
  • I believe that meditation is a super power. Take a minute and visualize what you want in your business.
  • I believe the Universe is conspiring for you and for me too. Notice the lessons. They are gifts.
  • I believe the Universe helps those who help themselves and those who help others. Give joyfully.
  • I believe that horses are magical creatures. Notice them. Experience the healing of their soulful eyes.

True Freedom Life Coaching Means…

Uncovering COURAGE
Exemplifying GRATITUDE
Nourishing LOVE
Manifesting JOY

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