Hello Love, What would it bring you to create the relationship you desire now?

More passion? More confidence? More connection? More fun?

I’m Jennifer Peterson. I am a Certified Equus Life & Business Coach & Reiki Master.

I enjoy empowering women who are struggling with communication in relationships by showing them how to find their authentic voice and create lasting partnerships!

I believe that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything and we can shift our energy by paying attention to how our energy shows up. My work is about empowering women to uncover and shift their relationship patterns that are getting in the way of their success in their personal and professional life.

Women seeking new relationships explore their energetic relationship patterns to their desires.

Women in relationships explore their energetic relationship patterns in their current relationships and with themselves.

Women entrepreneurs explore their energetic relationship patterns to their business and their ideal customers.

I do this so you can create the relationships you desire now. I do this with a horse or without a horse. But it’s way more fun with the horse! I love partnering with a horse because my clients can see tangibly how the external world responds to their internal dialogue.

Horses provide immediate biofeedback to your internal dialogue. Horses are like a mirror to our energy and how you show up in your relationships. My clients are able to practice and truly feel what it’s like to shift their energy and play with new ways of being.

It gets real. Lives get transformed. Desires get realized. Because there is no hiding from a horse! They know your truth even before you do.

We can lose our connection to ourselves as we go through life. We lose our ability to ask for what we want in our relationships. We don’t give a voice to our own desires. We put everyone else’s wants and needs above our own.

We forget what we have always known that we have one precious life! We lose track of our desires. We stress out about all things relationship! We lose confidence in ourselves. We don’t even know what we want. We constantly second guess ourselves on our decisions. All of that stress puts us into some icky energy and we stop having fun.

This was exactly where I was 8 years ago when I found myself in an abusive marriage. I felt completely disempowered. I felt like I had no control over my own life.

The path from mental abuse to physical abuse is a slippery slope, so when I found myself in a bedroom with my husband’s hands wrapped around my throat, I knew I had to turn things around for myself. I knew I had power inside of me. I had once been an empowered woman, but where the fuck was she? Why was I showing up disempowered every single day of my marriage?

I simply was not aware of my patterns and how I had been showing up in my marriage. I was giving my power away to my husband. It took me hitting rock bottom to realize I needed to decide to consciously shift my energy and stop giving my power away.

Now, I call back my power. I shift my energy so that everything is always working out for my highest good.

I’m more connected to my desires than I have ever been.

I’m having more fun than any other time in my life.

I have the child I desired. She was conceived with no effort naturally despite very low fertility. She is 6 years old now. She adds to the fun of our family with her silly sense of

I have my own business where the only rule is to have fun No. Matter. What. Did I mention I play in a round pen for a living?

I have unshakable confidence in myself.

I have more faith in my intuition and my spiritual connection to the Universe.

I allow myself to follow my fascinations and curiosities. This is what led me to Life Coaching, Reiki, and Equus Coaching.

I‘m more connected to myself than anyone else.

I know what I want and I ask for it because I found my authentic voice and I use it!

All of these things were made possible by taking back my power and creating the relationships I desire!

What I want for you is true freedom in your relationship!

If you want that too, I invite you to a Free Clarity Call with me where we will get clear on what is getting in the way of you creating the relationship you desire.

Meet me in person at the Awaken Wellness Fair!

I will be giving a powerful talk titled, “How to Find Your Authentic Voice Through the Wisdom of Horses.”

Awaken Wellness Fair

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Double Tree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY

For more information and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

Not sure how to start shifting your energy?

Start here to find 10 Paths To Shift Your Energy & Create The Relationship You Desire!







































































































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